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Specialized and Solo Leashed Training Walks in Your Neighborhood for Unique Personalities.



Some dogs need to get their daily enrichment without the company of other dogs. Training Walks are highly tailored to your dog's individual needs, and we specialize in providing decompression walks for unique personalities. We will upkeep training you and your dog have been working hard on, and will add additional light training into your dog's walk as needed.

We often work with dogs who bark, growl, snap, and/or lunge at people, other dogs, skateboards, or bikes (reactive dogs, fearful dogs, dogs with anxiety), senior or disabled dogs (blind, deaf, partially paralyzed), & young overwhelmed puppies (socialization, positive experience exposure).



Behavior Dog, $175/hour

Older than 18 months

Adult dog with behavior issue(s)


Younger than 18 months


*Get 10% off by signing up for 3+ walks a week.

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